US election: Trump surrounds Democrats, says China will win if Biden wins


US President Donald Trump has said that Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden, as a leader in the nation's presidential election in November, has done a lot of damage to the US economy over the last five decades and if the former Vice President won the election If we go, it will be China's victory.

"Biden sent your jobs to China and abroad over the past 47 years," Trump said at a rally in Dayton, Ohio. You know this I have brought jobs back to our country and Ohio in the last four years.

Describing the November election as very important, he said, "On November 3, the Americans will decide whether we will take our country to new heights of prosperity or we will give Joe Biden - Sleepy Biden - to our Closing the economy, raising taxes by $ 4000 billion, destroying Ohio's clean coal, oil, natural gas, and factories will allow your jobs to go to China and other countries.

Trump said, "Simply put, if Biden wins, then China will win." If we win, it will be Ohio and America's victory, because you finally have a president who puts America first and I put America first.

Trump has held election rallies in the past two weeks, despite the threat of a Coronavirus infection, in which thousands of people have participated without putting on masks and following social distance. Trump has called these rallies a demonstration against stupidity.

He said you know this is not really a rally .... it is really 'a friendly demonstration'. You know what we are demonstrating against. We are demonstrating against stupidity because a lot of silly things seem to be happening.