US Election: Trump supporters on the streets in many cities, trying to stop counting with loud music


Trump supporters protested in several cities alleging rigging in the counting of votes. These people gathered outside the election office in Maricopa County, Phoenix, Arizona.

50 votes in Milwaukee surrounded the venue and played loud music to stop counting. Trump supporters in Washington took out a rally on a car and bike and appealed to shut down the city.

In Las Vegas too, 400 supporters tried to disrupt the process at the counting venue by playing loud music. In Harrisburg, 100 people demonstrated to stop the counting of votes.

On the other hand, slogans were also raised against Trump and he put up posters calling them Naziists, supporters of both of them got involved in many places, the police intervened.

Bharatvanshi Devina's video goes viral

According to the New York Police Department, during a demonstration in Manhattan on Thursday night, a police officer was shot and tried to strangle him. A person has been arrested in this case.

Police also used their bicycles to stop protesters and the media. 24-year-old Devina Singh of Indian origin was arrested during a protest against Trump in New York City. He is accused of spitting by the police. The video of the incident is also going viral.

Most votes cast in 120 years

This time a record 16 crore out of 23.9 crore voters cast their votes. Earlier in the year 1900, 73.7 percent polling was done. This means that in 120 years, the maximum number of votes have been cast. According to Associate Professor Michael Macdonald of the University of Florida, this estimate is still in place, but in many states, the vote has increased due to the record keeping. Minnesota and Man are estimated to have a 79.9 percent turnout. This was followed by a 78.6 percent turnout in Iowa.

Here are the signs of progress towards Biden's victory

Platform restrictions on social media, defeat in courts, outrage from his own Republican peers, and investigations by various agencies. This situation has started happening for Trump on Thursday. These can be taken as a sign of his defeat and Biden's victory. Read how Trump is losing his land-

Lawsuits in Michigan-Georgia lose .......

The lawsuits filed in Michigan-Georgia on illegal charges have been dismissed by the courts. Lawsuits have also been filed in Nevada, Pennsylvania. There is a demand for re-counting in Wisconsin.

Republicans are also leaving .....

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McCollum said, "The claim to win the election and stay until the counting of the vote is both different." Republican Adam will lose. Whatever the decision, America will accept.

Trump stopped when Facebook Twitter stopped .....

Meanwhile, Facebook banned Trump's supporter's group Stop the Steel, who were violently protesting to stop the counting of votes. Some of its members spoke of stopping the violence. At the same time, Twitter started hiding many posts being made from the handle of the trump. Frustrated at this, Trump wrote, "Twitter is out of control."

White House abuse investigation begins ..........

Counsel has launched an investigation into Trump's misuse of the White House election. It is alleged that he used the White House as a command center during the election campaign. Monitored elections from the living room and collected 200 supporters in the White House East Room.