US election: Today will be the first presidential debate, know every information of the three debates, this time some traditions will be broken in the debate


The American people will vote on November 3 to elect their next president. Election enthusiasts have intensified there. According to American tradition, presidential candidates argue with each other face to face. In this debate, every electoral issue is raised which concerns the public. This is called 'Presidential Debate'. This time some traditions will be broken in the debate due to the worldwide epidemic, and some things will look new.

This time the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden will be held on September 29 at 9 pm on Tuesday. It will be Wednesday at 6.30 am Indian time. Such a debate would take place three times between Trump and Biden before the presidential election. The second debate will be held on October 15 and the third will be held on October 22.

What will be the first time

There will be only one moderator handling the presidential debate. This time the panelists will not be present in this debate. The audience is also present every time to watch the Presidential Debate. This time the Debate Commission, which conducted the debate, has not given any information about whether or not there will be an audience to see this debate. According to the present information, Trump's wife Melania, and daughter Ivanka will be present in the audience. This time the historical tradition of joining hands between the president and his rivals in the debate will not be subsided. According to the American News Institute CNN, candidates, and moderators will not wear masks during the debate.

Who will be the moderator

Famous anchor Chris Wallas of Fox News will conduct the first debate on September 29. 'C-SPAN Networks' Steve Scully will conduct the second debate in Miami (Florida) on October 15 and Kristen Welker of 'NBC News' in Nashville (Tennessee) on October 20.

Details of the first debate

The first Presidential Debate will begin on September 29, 2020, at 9 pm and Indian time on Wednesday at 6.30 am. The event will take place at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. This debate will run continuously for one and a half hours with no break. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace will be its moderator. In 2016, the first debates of Trump and Hillary Clinton were also conducted by Wallace. A total of six issues will be important in this debate. Coronaviruses, economy, records of both candidates, Supreme Court, racism-violence, and electoral integrity will be major issues in this.

Second debate details

The second presidential debate will be held on October 15, 2020, at the Adrian Erst Center of Performing Arts, Miami. At the moment its time has not been decided. However, it will also have a duration of 90 minutes and will be a town hall-style debate. C-SPAN Networks' journalist Steve Scully will conduct the debate. The debate will be attended by the audience, but the decision has not been made as to how many will be there. The second debate issue will be decided by the Commission on Presidential Debate (CPD). Issues of this debate will be announced a week before this.

Details of the third debate

The third presidential debate will be held on October 22, 2020, at Belmont University in Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee. Its time has not been decided yet. This debate will also last for 90 minutes. NBC journalist Christine Welker will be its moderator. President will be the second black woman to conduct the debate alone. Previously, this work was done by Carole Simpson. In the third and final debate, 6 issues will be important which the CPD will decide. Issues of this debate will be announced a week before this.

Who is ahead

According to News Week, Joe Biden is 10 points ahead of President Trump in the National Approval Rating. Biden is believed to be receiving more support on issues such as the coronavirus epidemic and health services. According to polls from the Washington Post and ABC News, Biden is currently ahead of Trump by 54-44. However, there are some voters who believe that Trump will soon be able to control the coronavirus epidemic.

Vice presidential debate

Vice President Mike Pence (61) and Vice Presidential Democratic Party candidate Kamala Harris (55) will hold a debate on October 7 for the post of Vice President at Utah University in Salt Lake City. USA Today journalist Susan Page will conduct it as a moderator. The issues of this debate will be announced a week before this.