US Election: If you do not like Trump-Biden, this is also in the presidential race, including the name of Kim Kardashian's husband


Elections for the post of President and Vice President are scheduled in the US in November. In such a situation, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are trying their best to get voters in their favor. However, not everyone is willing to vote in favor of Biden or Trump. In such a situation, candidates of other parties such as Kanye West may like him.

There are less than two months left in the election and both parties are calling it the most important election ever. Party candidates have also given record break speeches in recent weeks. While political observers are predicting a surge in people's participation, many voters are not yet sure who they should vote for.

32-year-old psychiatric nurse Samian Quezi, who lives in Houston, said, "I am disillusioned with this election." We don't really have a good choice. Neither the candidates are really talking on any issue nor giving any hope to the country so that people's lives can be improved. '

Due to a lack of political participation in the US, the voter rate is decreasing compared to the rest of the world. In the recent election, 50-60 percent of people exercised their franchise. The overall voter rate in OECD countries is around 70 percent. Even many developing countries have seen higher voter rates than the US.

In the 2008 election between Barack Obama and John McCain, the voter rate was 68 percent. However, the rate slipped to a 20-year low during the 2016 election to just 55 percent.

Apart from Trump and Biden, these candidates are also in the fray

Joe Jorgensen - Libertarian Party

Howie Hawkins - Green Party

Kanye West - Birthday Party

Rocky Day Le Fuente - Alliance and Reform Parties

Don Blankenship - Costume Party

According to a study released in February by the left-leaning Knight Foundation, nearly half or about 100 million nonprofit voters abstain from consecutive elections. On the Knight Foundation report, academic advisor Aten Hersch said, "This is a very large group and it is half of the country, so it is a diverse group. The lack of political affiliation is related to those who do not associate themselves with the election process. '