US Election 2020: Biden said he is close to the presidency, We will win elections with a majority


US Presidential Elections 2020 Live Updates: The presidential picture has not been cleared even after two days of voting in the US. In the midst of the counting, Democrat candidate Joe Biden took a decisive lead with 264 electoral votes. At the same time, the current presidential and Republican candidate Donald Trump is trailing in the White House race with 214 votes. Trump has moved forward on a legal battle decision. On the other hand, his supporters have gathered outside the counting centers in many states alleging rigging. Supporters created uproar and demonstrations in many places. Donald Trump is leading in North Carolina, while Biden leads in Nevada and Arizona. At the same time, Biden's wait in Georgia has been prolonged by a repeat count.

Will gain a clear majority

Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden said, "We will win with a clear majority, we have received more than 7.4 million votes."

Plan to stop virus: Biden

Biden said, one day we will come up with a plan to control this virus and control it.

We are winning in Arizona and Nevada: Biden

Addressing the country, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden said, he is winning in Arizona and Nevada.

Biden appealed to the people for peace

Joe Biden said, US elections have been tough, but we should remain calm. I don't care how much people have tried to stop it, I will not let it happen. We strongly believe in democracy but politics aims to work for the nation. We may be adversaries, but we are not enemies, we are Americans.

We are going to win this race: Biden

Biden said, my American comrades, we do not yet have a final declaration of victory, but the numbers tell us that it is clear. We are going to win this race. We will win this election with a majority. We will get 300 electoral votes.