US: Donald Trump gets pardon to 143 criminals, including strategists, before leaving office


A total of 143 people were pardoned by US President Donald Trump before he stepped down. These include his relatives, corrupt politicians, defense brokers, and his former strategists and associates. His move is said to be an abuse of power, but Trump left the White House empty before noon Wednesday, ignoring criticism.

Corrupt politicians, businessmen, and former associates also got relief, the forgiveness of punishment, otherwise reduced

Of the 143 people who have received a pardon, 73 have been given a full pardon, while the rest have received a pardon as punishment. Among them are convicted convicts of several major offenses, who are also considered close to Trump.

Some names to be forgiven

Paul Manafort, 71, was an American lobbyist and lawyer who was jailed for nearly 12 years in 2018 after eight cases of tax evasion were proven. He received a complete apology.

Charles Kushner, 66, is a resident of Trump, sentenced to two years in prison on charges of tax evasion and a ban on arrival in three states. He too got forgiveness from the government.

68-year-old Roger Stone, who was a strategist from former President Richard Nixon to George Bush and Trump, was accused of being pre-aware of WikiLeaks. Roger was jailed for hiding evidence, he also received a full pardon.

Steve Bannon, who is serving a sentence for misusing funds raised by supporters of the border wall proposed by Trump, has also been released.

Thoughts on making a new party

After leaving office, Trump is considering forming a new political party. According to his close friends, it may be named Patriot Party or moto 'America First'. He was criticized by members of the Republican Party after the Capitol building violence. Trump is angry at this. Usually, in American politics with a two-party system, there is no restriction on more than two parties, but it is difficult to establish a party at the national level. If Trump forms the Patriot Party, then it will prove to be a vote cut for his current Republic Party.

The last political gift is given to 1.45 lakh Venezuelan migrants too

US President Donald Trump also presented a gift to millions of Venezuelan immigrants on the last day of his term. Of the 3.5 million Venezuelan nationals, 1.45 lakh were in danger of being repatriated, but Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday night to postpone their deportation for the next 18 months.

I am proud that US President becomes warless: Trump

US President Donald Trump, through a video before the end of his term, spoke to the people of his country. In this nearly 20-long farewell message, Trump thanked the public for calling the presidency an 'unprecedented privilege'. He also counted the achievements of his government and said that I am proud to be the President of America like me in many decades. My tenure was like this, during which no new battle was started.

Best wishes to Biden-led new administration in Farewell video before leaving White House

Trump also wished for the new US government led by Joe Biden before leaving the White House. Although he did not name Biden, he said, "Now we are going to get a new government, we wish him success and want him to keep America safe and prosperous." We wish them all the best and wish them luck.

However, Trump has still not fully accepted the election results of November. He said I am going to hand over power to the new administration. But I want to tell you that the movement we have started will continue. This is just the beginning. Along with this, Trump also thanked his wife Melania and family for being supportive in every situation.

In his farewell address, Trump said that we have established the strength of America at home and taken the American leadership to new heights even outside. We united the world against China, like never before. Trump also criticized the January 6 attack of his supporters on the US Parliament Capitol Building in a video message. He said all Americans were frightened by the attack on the Capitol. It is an attack on everything that we as Americans take pride in. It can never be tolerated. Now more than ever we should unite around our shared values ​​and rise above the feeling of partisan hatred.

Recalling his tenure, Trump said that 4 years ago, we started a national campaign to rebuild our country and restore the loyalty of the government to the people. Now the world respects us again. We have returned the power and pride of America. He asked the new government to please keep this pride. In a farewell speech, Trump also noted the significant achievements of the US government from January 20, 2017, to January 20, 2021.

Tough attitude about China again

Trump also attacked China in a farewell message, blaming him for the spread of the coronavirus. He said that we imposed a historic trade tax on China, made several new agreements with it. Our business policy changed rapidly, due to which billions of dollars came to America. But the virus forced us to walk in a different direction.