US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin said - will use all our resources to help India


US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin has said that the US will use all its resources to help India in the fight against the coronavirus. The US Defense Ministry on Wednesday dispatched the first flight carrying relief supplies from the California military airport. The aircraft is expected to reach India on Thursday. Austin also thanked the military forces for raising vital medical supplies.

Austin tweeted four pictures of the first batch and wrote, "As I have said, we are committed to using all our resources to help advance frontline health workers in India." White House National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Hearn said the work of providing aid has begun. Our friends in India are struggling with the epidemic. Our feelings are with him.

Emily Horn said that the first consignment of medical supplies would reach India by Thursday night. This consignment of medical supplies includes raw materials for the vaccine, oxygen generators, and ventilators.

At the same time, US National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan also said that America is committed to helping the people of India. After the plane left for India from California, he tweeted that we will maintain our solidarity in the fight against Corona. California Democratic Party leader and Indian-American Ajay Jain Bhutoria welcomed the Biden administration's timely sending of medical supplies to India.