US-China Rift: Now China has given an open threat to the US - Do not play with fire, all will burn


US-China Rift: China has warned the US that it should distance itself from Taiwan-related issues and show support for the 'One China' policy. China has clearly said that America is playing with fire, which may have to suffer a lot.

Beijing On the issue of Taiwan (Taiwan), the tension between China (China) and America (US) is increasing. China has strongly objected to a group of American leaders visiting Taiwan after 41 years. China has called it a betrayal and said that America should stay within limits. China has warned that America is playing with fire and there is every possibility that if this continues, it will burn everything.

US Health Minister Alex Azar, who arrived in Taiwan, also paid tribute to Taiwan's late former President Li Teng Hui. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijan said that America should not be confused about affecting the basic interests of China. Using strong words, he said that those who are playing with fire will burn themselves in it. At the same time, warning the Taiwanese, the spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that they should not accept the subordination of foreigners nor trust the help of foreigners. Taiwan is an integral part of China and if it declares to be independent it will be given a military response.

Taiwan also warned of military action

Let us tell that the People's Liberation Army Senior Colonel Ren Guoqiang warned that we have no way left except to take military action on Taiwan. He criticized the Trump government and said that sending the US Army for maneuvers with Taiwan is a challenge to China. The Chinese colonel said that the decision of the US could have a negative impact on the relations between the two countries. He asked the US government to immediately acknowledge his mistake and prevent any official and military contact with Taiwan. The Colonel warned that we have a strong will, full confidence, and sufficient capacity to stop Taiwan's independence. We will fully protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity. For this, we will not back down from taking military action on Taiwan.

What did China say about Kamala Harris's candidacy?

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijan said in Beijing that Kamala Harris' candidacy is an internal matter of the US and we have no interest in interfering. It is believed that China did not comment because it has been accused of influencing the US presidential election. Former US National Security Advisor John Bolton claimed in his book that President Trump had asked China for help with the upcoming election. At the same time, American intelligence agencies have also issued warnings about China's interference in the presidential election.