US: Breastfeeding was Prevented of a woman during online class, professor apologizes


The professor had to ask for a mother in the US to stop breastfeeding her baby. This case is from California. Here, 23-year-old Marcella Mars, a student at Fresno City College, has a ten-month-old baby. Marcella complained to her college administration after the professor stopped her breastfeeding.

Marcella said in the complaint that she was breastfeeding her baby during an online class, to which the professor of statistics has objected. The professor said that she should stop breastfeeding, otherwise class would not come. The professor said that it would be better to keep the camera and mic closed during class.

The professor said that if he has to feed the child, then first wait for the class to end. However, this order of the professor is against California law. Under the law, all-female students can breastfeed their baby during class.

The law says that by doing so, no penalty will be imposed on the female student. Marcella alleged that the professor not only misbehaved with her but also emailed all the students and asked them to keep the camera and mic off during class.

Marcella said that the professor taunted and said that I am happy that you have a camera and a mic but do not breastfeed the baby during class. This will not do in class. Marcella said that her class lasts for four hours, so how can she keep her child hungry for so long.

However, the college has taken action on Marcella's complaint and the professor has apologized. The college has not revealed the name of the professor but Marcella says that she is extremely upset with the incident.