US: American citizens of Indian origin welcomed the improvement in the process of OCI card


Indian citizens of Indian origin have welcomed the Government of India's decision to simplify the process of maintaining the validity of the Non-Resident Indian (OCI) card, saying that it would allow more and more Indians living abroad to opt for such a process. Will be able to

According to the Union Home Ministry, the OCI cardholders will have to reissue the document only at the age of 20 years instead of the current rule of issuing their cards multiple times.

Dr. Thomas Abraham, President of 'Global Organization of People of Indian Origin' (GOPIO), told the media on Thursday, this will clear the confusion about the process of re-issuing cards among many OCI cardholders aged 20 to 50 years. And no one will have to go through the entire process to reissue the OCI card.

He said, this will encourage more and more Indians living abroad to become OCI and this will also benefit the country from their travel and investment in India.

The OCI card, which is very popular among Indians living abroad, allows them to travel for long periods of time and stay in India. This gives the cardholders many facilities which are not normally available to any foreign national. India has so far issued about 37.72 lakh OCI cards.