United States Department of Commerce angry on Myanmar, blacklisted defense and home ministry and army group


Protests by pro-democracy activists continue in Myanmar. The common people continue to be abused here. In view of this, the United States Department of Commerce has blacklisted Myanmar's Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Home Affairs, and group companies MEC (Myanmar Economic Corporation) and MEHL (Myanmar Economic Holdings Public Company).

The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has also added four entities to the entity list — two Burmese military and security service entities responsible for the coup and two commercial entities that own and operate one of those entities.

A statement said that ‘BIS has added the Burmese Ministries of Defense and Home Affairs, Myanmar Economic Corporation and Myanmar Economic Holding Limited to the entity list. This action prohibits the Burma Ministry from exporting and re-exporting goods under the EAR. '

The statement said that the Ministry of Defense and Burmese, the Ministry of Home Affairs, are responsible for the coup and are two commercial entities owned and operated by the Ministry of Defense.

The statement further stated, "The United States is fully committed to the people of Burma and strongly condemns the violence by the Burmese military against peaceful protesters." We will not allow the Burmese army to benefit from access to goods under the EAR.

Commerce is reviewing possible additional measures in the form of warrants from the military's actions. ”The Commerce Department said in its statement," The US government will continue to hold the perpetrators of the coup for their actions. "

Condemning Wednesday's firing on pro-democracy protesters by Myanmar's military, UN Special Envoy for Myanmar Christine Schreiner Bergner has said it was the bloodiest day since a February coup.

He said, "Today is the first day of February when the coup took place. Today 38 people died. More than 50 people have died since the coup began. He further said that incidents in Myanmar are not intrinsic as they affect the stability of the region.

He said, "We know that ethnic armed organizations are determined not to allow it to continue." He also said that he would postpone negotiations with the Myanmar army. If both sides start using violence, then we have a real situation, which is the war in Myanmar. '

Let me tell you, the protest against the Myanmar army that ousted the democratically elected government of civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi has entered its fourth week. Security forces have begun a violent crackdown on protesters in towns and cities across the country.

The United Nations Human Rights Office said that at least 18 people were killed and more than 30 injured in Myanmar on Sunday. The reported crash marked Sunday as the deadliest day since the seizure of military power on 1 February.

Despite increasing international pressure to restore a democratically elected government, the Myanmar people have ignored the condemnation and continue to violently stage protests against the country's illegal takeover. Several deposed MPs have also named the military organization a terrorist organization.

Myanmar's military fired the country's UN ambassador on Saturday after appealing to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) for international help for the coup.