United Nations to help communities most affected by the monsoon in India!


The United Nations will provide humanitarian aid to the most affected and disadvantaged communities in India due to the heavy monsoon rains.

"It is being reported that the monsoon has killed more than 7700 people in India," said Stephen Dujarik, a spokesman for UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutarais. According to the authorities, more than five lakh people have been evacuated to safer places. The United Nations is ready to provide humanitarian aid to the most deprived and affected communities in India.

Talking about the flood situation in Asia, Dujarik said that Bangladesh has had the worst and longest monsoon of the last few years and a quarter of the country is experiencing flooding.

He said that at least 54 lakh people have been affected by the massive floods, 11,000 families have been displaced and 135 people have died. The spokesman said that United Nations allies are helping to provide food, shelter, clean water, sanitation-related and other supplies.