Two prominent Indian-Americans are chief advisors of Joe Biden


Two prominent Indian-American presidential candidates are "chief advisers" to Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden, advising them on issues ranging from the Coronavirus epidemic to foreign policy and economic change. This information has been given in a media report.

A report published in the New York Times stated that Biden is striving to fulfill the ambitious presidential responsibility, which will begin on two fronts of health and economic crisis. As such, they rely on experienced advisors with high-level governmental experience, rather than external and ideological adversaries, to help guide them on topics such as the coronavirus epidemic and the country's diminishing impact on the world scene.

The report says that among those advising him on the epidemic is former US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, who was appointed by President Barack Obama, and Harvard economist Raj Chetty is one of those people who have been critical of Biden on economic issues. Giving information

Murthy and former head of the Food and Drug Administration David Kessler were among those present at a conference call called by Biden's election campaign when it was revealed that two people traveling with Senator Kamala Harris were corona virus-positive were found.

The New York Times report states that Biden frequently mentions his interactions with experts and that Dr. Murthy and Dr. Kessler are two of the most prominent medical persons Biden sought during a public health crisis.

The report quoted Kessler as saying that in the early days of the epidemic, he and Murthy used to provide information to Biden every day, or four times a week.

According to the report, Kessler said, "We would send 80-90-page documents, tell them about the epidemic through comprehensive pathology, medical science, vaccine, test-related information. Employees would first connect on the phone, but soon He started using zoom.

On the issue of the economy, Biden has approached an extensive network for economic advice, seeking input from hundreds of policy experts.

Chetty, who briefed Biden on the economy, has researched economic dynamics and its roots over the years, and Janet Yellen, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, is on the team.