Two Indians rescued from detention van in Scotland, know which crime was taken into custody


Two Indians have been rescued from a detention van in the Scottish city of Glasgow with the help of a human rights lawyer. Both of them were detained on suspicion of an immigration offense. Their neighbors protested for eight hours in protest against their capture.

Chef Sumit Sahdev and mechanic Lakhvir Singh have reportedly been living in the UK for the last 10 years. Six immigration officers accompanied the police to the Polkshields area of ​​Glasgow and evacuated them from their homes. After this, placing them in a van started going towards the Detention Center. But soon a large crowd of protesters surrounded him. The protesters were demanding the release of both of them.

Pakistani-origin human rights lawyer Amer Anwar told ITV News, "It was a craze-filled and provocative action by the Home Department on the day of Eid." Frankly, they do not care about the lives of these people, but the people of Glasgow do. He said the city is inhabited by the toil of the refugees. These people have shed blood and sweat in settling this city. We stand firmly with these people. Lakhveer Singh said that when the two officers were seated in the van, they were afraid of what was going to happen to them. He thanked the neighbors for giving him their support.