Twitter and Facebook's dictatorship in In the curtain of democracy


While the privacy of WhatsApp has given rise to a new debate, the motives of tech companies can be gauged from their intentions. Facebook and Twitter closed the account of US President Donald Trump of the world's most powerful country. There may be objections to Trump's attitude after losing the election, but the question arises whether the owner of a private company can be so powerful that he can afford to ban the president of a country like America.

Interestingly, these are the same companies that had no objection to using these platforms for four years after Trump. This act of private companies indicates their dictatorial behavior in the coming days.

Billionaire owners of companies that call themselves mini-democracies, by closing Trump's account and showing strength, have also done away with their autocracy. There is no big secret behind the actions taken against Trump by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg. Everyone is aware that the pressure on Trump to hold him accountable for years has increased after the violence in Capitol Hill last week.

During this period, employees of companies ranging from Michelle Obama, the wife of former Democrat President Barack Obama, to lobbying for the closure of Trump's account, were themselves advocated. To say that these companies take decisions under the democratic process, but their move has dangers. Experts say that Twitter-Facebook has shown Trump exactly what politicians, prosecutors, and many middlemen wanted to do for years by evicting him personally. This is the reason why a big section and Trump supporters are calling this move of both companies as arbitrary control, while liberals are justifying the ban.