Trump said- Corona has come from China, I will never forget this thing, if I get power, I will end dependency on 'Dragon'


US President Donald Trump has once again reiterated that the coronavirus has come from China and he will never forget it. Trump said he vowed to end the country's dependence from China if people voted to keep him in power. At the same time, the US President said that the earlier relations with Beijing after Coronavirus do not matter.

Trump was addressing an election rally in Newport Virginia on Friday for the November 3 presidential election. During this time, Trump said, the American economy was doing very well, then we were attacked by this virus from China. He said he should never have let this happen. We will not forget it. We almost closed the country, we saved millions of lives. Now we have opened the country with a record.

America is the country most affected by the virus. More than 2,00,000 Americans have died due to the virus and severely affected the country's economy, causing the loss of millions of jobs.

Trump said that if I get another four years, I will make America the world's manufacturing superpower. We will end our dependence on China for all. The outbreak of Corona began soon after Trump signed a trade deal with China. Negotiations between the US and China lasted for about a year to sign the deal.

The US and China signed the trade deal Phase-1 at the beginning of the year. After this signature, the two-year-old tariff war came to an end. Due to this, the world economy was greatly affected.

In May, Trump refused to re-issue a trade deal with China. At the same time, the US on September 14 banned the import of five goods from China, including computer-parts, cotton, and hair products. The reason behind this was attributed by the US to the production of these goods by forced people in labor camps in Muslim-majority Xinjiang province.