Trump's niece Mary made many revelations, said 'Cheater uncle' and the world's most dangerous man


Before Presidential elections in November, the troubles of US President Donald Trump are increasing. After former National Security Advisor John Dalton, Trump's niece has now made sensational revelations about him in his book.

Wrote - People cheat with money and cheat is their way of life

Mary L. Trump described her uncle as a fraudulent cheater, writing how her decades-long history of dark sag and cruelty has transformed her into a reckless leader who is now responsible for the world's health, economy, security, and social fabric Dangers have been created.

Mary wrote that Trump only weighs people with money and has made cheating a way of life. Mary's book 'Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Creates at the World's Most Dangerous Man', released next week, has created a rift in American politics.

Father's influence on the enchanted trump

Mary called Trump's self-possessed. Mary said that the biggest reason behind this is the wealth and strength of her father. Mary claims that Trump's father, Trump Sr., did not love him much.

There is no theory of Trump, the sister herself had said, Joker

Mary also mentions Trump's sister in the book. According to Mary, in 2015, Marianne Trump Berry doubted her brother Donald Trump's eligibility for the presidency. Berry called Trump a clown. At the same time, he hoped that Trump would not become president. Berry had said that Donald Trump has no theory.

Poor person, lifestyle is cheating

Mary has written the saga of greed, betrayal, and mutual tension of many generations in the book. Told how you made it to the infamous Real State Empire in New York. According to Mary, his uncle forms relationships with people on financial grounds, and cheating became his lifestyle.

Revelations gave strength to opponents

Mary's book was to be launched a few weeks later. But given the increasing demand, its publisher is now set to release soon. There is also talk of legal action on this book.

Examination conducted from another student for admission to business school

Mary wrote that Trump, a high school student in Queens, had given money to another student to take the exam instead. The student achieved good numbers and then entered the prestigious Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania. Trump has often praised this business school as the best educational institution in the world, where very talented people study.