Trump's lawsuit dismissed in Pennsylvania, supervisors tried to disrupt re-count


A federal judge in the US has dismissed a lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania on behalf of the country's President Donald Trump's campaign that sought to declare millions of votes invalid. In addition, election officials in Wisconsin's largest counties have alleged that US President Donald Trump's defendants tried to disrupt the re-election of the presidential election, and many times objected to every ballot removed for counting.

Judge Trump Brown of the US Middle District of Pennsylvania rejected Trump's request for a campaign Saturday, which has come as a major setback to President Trump's efforts to challenge the results of the November 3 election. Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden is victorious in the presidential election.

Judge Bran said in the judgment that the Trump campaign tampered with documents and did not present evidence to support the allegations. The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit earlier this month alleging irregularities in the voting process. Newly elected President Biden defeated Trump in Pennsylvania by a margin of more than 81,000 votes. There are 20 electoral college votes in this important state.

Trump observers tried to interrupt re-count

Trump requested re-counting in Milwaukee and Dane counties. Democratic leader Joe Biden won by a margin of 20,600 votes. Earlier, any victory with such a huge margin has not turned into a defeat after the re-count. In such a situation, many believe that Trump is conducting the counting of votes again so that he can finally challenge the voting here in court. Trump has challenged the election results in court in several key states.

County Clerk George Christenson said Saturday that the recount was delayed too much due to repeated complaints by Republican members in Milwaukee. He said that Trump's observers were constantly trying to disrupt the re-counting of votes by repeatedly questioning and commenting on the counting.

"This is unacceptable," said Christson. He said that some of Trump's observers "don't know clearly what they are doing." County Election Commissioner Tim Posnanski said Trump's supervisor at a re-counting table objected to every ballot that was removed from the bag.

Posnanski said that there was "prima facie evidence that the Trump campaign worked badly." Lawyer Joe Voiland, who spoke to members of the commission on behalf of the Trump campaign, denied that his side acted maliciously.