Trump pardons killers of innocent civilians in the Iraq war, the US Army gave a contract to mercenaries


US President Donald Trump has pardoned convicts who killed 17 innocent civilians during the Iraq War. The convicts were four guards of the private military company Blackwater, who were currently serving their sentences in jail. Explain that the US used mercenaries during the Iraq war.

This was the first such case that soldiers were hired during the war. During the Iraq War, the US Army contracted a private company called Blackwater. Although it consisted mostly of retired American soldiers. The job of these soldiers was to provide all possible support to the US Army during the war.

The use of mercenaries during the war, and the slaughter of innocent civilians by them, led to much opposition worldwide. During the Iraq War, Blackwater's troops had an armored convoy equipped with Paul Slug, Ewen Liewerty, Dustin Hurd, and Nicholas Slaton machine guns, grenade launchers, and snipers.

The convoy opened fire on unarmed and innocent people at Nisaur Chow in the capital Baghdad. 17 people, including two children, were killed in the incident. Blackwater's counsel argued that he had opened fire to avoid the suicide attack of the rebels.

Apart from this, even in the Vietnamese war, the US army opened fire on innocent people. In 2014, all four were convicted and all four were sentenced to thirty years in prison. After this massacre, Blackwater did not get the Iraq contract again.