Trump came in front for the first time after leaving the White House, said this about forming a separate party


Former US President Donald Trump has made public appearances for the first time since leaving the White House. Donald Trump, who came to an event a few weeks after he was acquitted in the impeachment investigation, put an end to the ongoing speculation about forming a new political party and said that he would not form a new party.

Former US President Donald Trump attacked the Biden administration. He said that the policy of 'America First' has reached 'America Last'. The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2021 meeting was held in Florida. Speaking at this meeting, the former President said, "The journey that we started four days ago is not over yet." Here we have come to talk about our future, the future of the country, and the future of the upcoming move. ''

Let me tell you that Trump started his speech by asking the crowd if you missed me? In response to this, the crowd of his supporters responded in a very rash manner, yes. Most of the people in the crowd were seen wearing masks. Donald Trump dismissed the speculation of forming a new political party, saying it was fake news. Trump said, creating a new party will divide our votes and we will never win.

Trump strongly criticized President Joe Biden's early decisions, especially the migrant policy. Trump said that we all belong to the Republican Party and the party will be stronger and more united than before. Trump once again reiterated the talk of rigging the presidential election in this speech. At the same time, Trump also indicated to contest the presidential election in 2024. Trump said that we won the election, but the Democrats rigged. Who knows if we beat them for the third time.

Trump said, "We all know what the Biden administration is going to do, but to this extent, no one imagined it would be bad in this government." This government would go with the left agenda to such an extent, that no one had any idea. It is taking America backward. ''