Trump appeared to accept Biden's victory, but refused to bow down


US President Donald Trump was first seen on Sunday reluctantly confessing his Democratic rival Joe Biden's victory but indicated that he would not bow down and would continue to challenge the 'upsets' in the election results.

The president's announcement comes at a time when he and his administration are constantly accusing Democrats of electoral malpractices without proof.

Trump tweeted, "He (Biden) won because the election was rigged." No supervisor allowed. Dominion, a heavily left-wing privately owned company, was tasked with tabulating votes that have poor credibility and poor equipment that did not prove to be true even for the Texas election (in which I won by many votes). Fake and silent media. '

While the Election Commission declares the results in India, all 50 states verify different results in the US presidential election, which takes several days.

News media institutions traditionally announce the results of presidential elections based on the trends of election counting and unofficial results that begin the process of transfer of power. According to the latest electoral college vote count, Biden won 306 out of 538 electoral college votes.

Trump won 232 electoral college votes. He has challenged election results in several states, including Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona. He has also called for recalculation in Wisconsin.

Trump said in another tweet that 'he (Biden) has only won in the eyes of fake news media. I do not bow down to anyone. We will keep trying. It was a rigging election. ”Trump once again said," We will win. "