Trump and his advisors part ways on the threat of Coronavirus!


The rise in Coronavirus infection in several states before the election in the US has exposed a rift between President Donald Trump and the government's high health officials. While Trump is advocating for the normalcy of the situation, health officials are constantly asking the public to be alert to infection.

It is not usually seen in the time of crisis on public health and often the leaders are seen explaining the suggestions of health experts to the public. John Oyerbach, president of an impartial organization called 'Trust for America Health', says, "It is a very unusual thing to be given the opposite message simultaneously."

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said last Sunday that "we are not going to control the epidemic." Since then, the gap between the president and health officials has been deepening. Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services Admiral Brett Giroir has warned in many of his interviews that the situation in the country can take any turn.

He has said that American people can control the spread of the virus by keeping a distance from each other, applying masks, and washing hands. Dr. Deborah Berks, appointed as a consultant for the Coronavirus epidemic at the White House, traveled to the states to spread awareness. During this time, he said in Bismarck, North Dakota, that he did not see such carelessness in applying the mask anywhere else. He told reporters, "This is unfortunate ã because you don't know who is infected and you don't even know that you can be infected too."

The rate of confirmed cases of infection in the state is 11 percent, which shows the spread of infection on a wide scale. But President Trump does not show seriousness about applying the mask and says that the epidemic situation in America is improving.