Trump accelerated efforts to interfere in the US election process


The counting of votes in the US presidential election is in the final stages. While in most states, Democrat leader Joe Biden won over his nearest rival President Trump. Trump, thus intensifying his final efforts, has called Republican leaders in Michigan to the White House to prevent him from certifying Biden's clear victory from this state.

The state of Michigan has a Republican governor and Biden won the presidential election from here. The Trump campaign also launched a lawsuit challenging Biden's victory here, but now Republicans have said they are going to withdraw the case. This is a big setback for Trump, so he gets involved in the final manipulations.

As the case does not go to court, Trump has now focused on election boards certifying votes as part of Biden's attempts to reverse the election.

Trump has asked his advisers what they have done to prevent them from authenticating the election results because these would give Biden a formal victory. If the results are not substantiated, Republican legislators can intervene and elect Trump to replace Biden from the state at a formal presidential election meeting on 14 December.

Signs of not reversing Biden's victory

Trump and his colleagues took Senate Republican leaders Mike Shirky and Lee to not let suspicions about the counting of votes be eradicated. Chatfield has also been called to the White House. However, two officials associated with the case said on condition of anonymity that both Shirky and Chatfield have indicated not to attempt to reverse Biden's victory. But both leaders have agreed to meet Trump.

Republican stronghold re-count in Georgia, Trump lost again

The Trump campaign, buoyed by Biden's victory in the state of Georgia, called for a second count here. But Gabriel Sterling, the top election official in Georgia, reported that Joe Biden won in the recount.

Let me tell you that paper printouts made under the new EVM system have been used to count votes in Georgia again. Its official announcement will be made after verifying the results. Let me tell you that the state of Georgia has been in the possession of the Republican Party where the Democrat candidate has made a dent.

Counting begins again in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Election Commission has approved the re-counting of votes in the state. For this, President Trump had filed a petition in the two largest counties and paid the required three million dollars. Trump alleged that Wisconsin was one of the centers with the most irregularities. However, they could not provide any proof of this.

Trump the most irresponsible president in American history: Biden

Newly elected President Joe Biden said that President Donald Trump is giving a very bad message to the world community by not accepting defeat in the election.

In a meeting with a group of governors from both sides in Wilmington, Biden said, "There is a very bad message going on in the rest of the world about how democracy works." I don't know what their (trump) motive is but I think it is very irresponsible. By what Trump is doing, he would be counted as one of America's most irresponsible presidents in history. He said we are going to take power on January 20.

Joe Biden aged 78

Newly elected President Joe Biden is celebrating his 78th birthday on Friday. He will remember this birthday of his age. He is going to take the oath as the 46th US President on January 20, exactly two months later. He will be the oldest President of America. Earlier, Ronald Reagan (77) had this record. Current President Donald Trump is 4 years younger than Biden.