Tragic: Apollo-11 pilot Michael Collins dies, Neil Armstrong was transported to the moon


American astronaut Michael Collins, who successfully landed the Apollo-11 mission to the moon, died on April 28, 2021. Michael Collins was 90 years old and the world knew him only for the Apollo-11 mission. Please tell that it was only after the Apollo-11 mission landed on the moon that Neil Armstrong took the first step to the moon's surface and after that landed the Buzz Aldrin.

Let me tell you that the only purpose of Michael Collins was to successfully land Apollo-11 on the lunar surface and after that, with Neil and Buzz, they could come back to earth. The module in which Neil and Buzz went out of the Apollo-11 to the moon was named The Eagle. Explain that the trip to the moon was not easy for all three.

As soon as the journey started, radio contact with the earth was lost, after which a glitch occurred in the computer and there was a shortage of fuel in The Eagle. More than 40 thousand people had contributed their hard work and time to complete this mission. On the death of Michael Collins, NASA acting administrator Steve Jurassic said that the world has lost a true astronaut today.

On the one hand, while both of their companions were walking on the moon, Michael Collins was circling the moon with the vehicle. Steve says that it was because of Michael Collins that Neil and Buzz came back to safe Earth. Michael Collins's grandson's statement came that his grandfather bravely fought against cancer but eventually lost.

Neil Armstrong used to say to Michael Collins that Michael entertained us a lot by walking around the moon. Neil used to say that Michael had a 117-page diary to rescue us and avoid troubles.