TikTok will not be banned in America yet, the judge changed the decision of Donald Trump


There has been a doubt in many countries of the world about the Chinese app Tiktok. India has already banned it and America did the same. However, now a US court has stayed the decision of Bain.

Chinese video-sharing app TicketTalk will not be banned in the US yet. The company moved the court against the issuance of the order of US President Donald Trump. In the same case hearing, a federal court on Sunday stayed the ban order. The court's decision came when the order given by the US President was to be implemented only four hours later.

The US had expressed concern over data security, considering the ban on many US apps. In the meantime, many companies in America had moved towards buying Ticketock, which was approved by the government. But amid this conversation, Donald Trump banned TicketLock, due to which this app was not to be downloaded in the US from 28 September.

But now it is clear from the court's decision that the downloading of TicketTock will continue in the US and the old TicketTalk will also continue.

The matter reached the court regarding this dispute. The judge of the Federal Court said that when there is talk of shopping, then how can you put a stop on that app. The debate in the court lasted for about three hours.

Let us tell you that the US government claimed that Chinese companies have collected data of 100 million American people. All this data is given to the Communist Party of China.

Whereas BiteDance, the company that runs TickTock, told the court that it had a deal with the US Walmart, Oracle Company. And now some issues are going on, under the agreement, these companies will own TickTock in America.