This woman becomes a bride every Friday for the past 16 years, know the reason behind this


They say that hobby is a big thing. There are many kinds of hobbies in the world. Some people are fond of walking, some for eating, some for reading, some for buganwani or some for playing songs. But many times some hobbies are found in the memory of someone, whose stories make the eyes moist. A woman living in Pakistan is in the headlines these days due to her hobbies. The woman dresses up like a bride every Friday by doing sixteen adornments. Let's know why this woman becomes a bride every Friday ...

This woman named Heera Zeeshan is originally from the Punjab province of Lahore, Pakistan. Zeeshan, 42, embellishes like a bride by doing sixteen adornments every Friday for the past 16 years. When people came to know about Heera Zeeshan's peculiar hobby, his surprise increased.

Does Heera Zeeshan then reveal why she does this? Heera said that her mother had become very ill 16 years ago. He had to be admitted to the hospital, where his condition was continuously deteriorating. In the hospital, Heera's mother expressed her wish that she want to marry her daughter before she dies. In order to fulfill the mother's final wish, her marriage to the person who gave blood to Heera's mother in the hospital was decided. To his mother's delight, Heera agreed.

Farewell in rickshaw

Heera told me that they got married in the hospital itself. This was followed by his departure in a rickshaw. Heera told that on the most important day of his life i.e. marriage, he neither did any makeup nor was ready.

That is why every bride becomes a diamond every Friday

Heera says that her mother died within the next few days. This caused him a deep shock. Heera had six children at the time of marriage, but two children died as soon as they were born. Due to which Heera went into depression and to come out of that depression, she started dressing like a bride every Friday.

Heera Zeeshan told that her husband lives in London and she lives in Pakistan with her children. Heera says that being a bride gives them a lot of happiness and also reduces loneliness. So, she is dressed like a bride every Friday for the last 16 years. Diamond embellished like a bride every Friday is a topic of discussion in Pakistan these days.