This mother was in a lot of discussions by giving birth to 9 children together!


You must have heard such cases many times when a woman has given birth to more than one child. Although it is okay to have 2-3 children together, a woman gave birth to 9 children simultaneously.

26-year-old Halima Sisse gave birth to 9 children together some time ago. After that, she was very much discussed. Once again she is in discussion but the reason is that now she is facing a lot of problems in raising so many children. Halima and her husband work in 24-hour shifts serving the children.

Halima's name is recorded in the Guinness World Records as she gave birth to 9 children naturally. They have to change 100 nappies a day while 9 babies together drink 6 liters of milk. In such a situation, it takes her and her husband 24-24 hours to handle them.

Children were expected to survive Less than

Halima's children were born at the Ann Bojarra clinic in Casablanca. The weight of these children was as much as a bottle of water, that is why these children were kept in the intensive care unit, yet all the children survived. Halima tells that at the time of the birth of the children, many questions had come to her mind, and later when 9 children were born, she was shocked. Then there was a question in her mind that how will she be able to take care of these children herself? Although the doctors were thinking that only some of these children would be able to survive, with the help of the government, all their children got good treatment and they survived.

After giving birth to 9 children, Halima herself has become very weak. His body has not even been able to recover properly and he has to do a lot of work. 9 It is proving difficult for them to meet the needs of the children. Although the government is helping her financially, she is troubled by physical exertion and exhaustion.