This is the salary of Pak PM Imran Khan, it is difficult to bear the normal expenses

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Pakistan's economic condition is very bad and this thing is not hidden from anyone. Due to the rising prices and inflation of essential commodities, it is also difficult to arrange 2 times of bread with the people there. Not only the common man, but PM Imran Khan's condition is also similar. Today we are going to tell you about the salary of Pakistani PM, how much rupees he receives as a salary.


One month's gross salary of Imran Khan is 2,01,574 Pakistani rupees. After deducting tax on this, they get 1,96,979 Pakistani rupees. His salary is Rs 1,07,280 according to the heavy rupee. Although it is sufficient to meet a man's house expenses, this money is very less according to the expenses of the people there. His salary is much less than the salary paid to the Indian Prime Minister.

Salary divided into many components

Basic salary - Rs 1,07,280

Other Monthly Allowances - Rs 50,000

Adhoc Relief Allowance - Rs 21,456

Tax deducted from monthly salary - Rs 4,595

Net income (in hand) - Rs 1,96,000

Pakistan is facing inflation

Inflation in Pakistan has reached the highest in 12 years. The price of wheat is also skyrocketing there. Due to which eating bread in Pakistan has also become very expensive.

Declining revenue

According to the latest World Bank report, the value of the Pakistani rupee has fallen by 20% against the dollar. At the same time, the value of Pakistani rupee is decreasing. It has also been told in this report that the revenue that the government of Pakistan gets, it has also declined.


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