This big statement came from Pakistan on 'Howdy Modi', said- Money can't buy ...


In Houston, the whole world is assuming the iron of PM Narendra Modi's mega show 'Howdy Modi'. On the other hand, when Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan reached America, no American official was present at the airport to welcome him. Pakistan, which often made comments against India, did not remain silent this time. Now, on the Howdy Modi program, Pakistan's Science and Technology Minister Chaudhary Fawad Hussain has made a statement that clearly shows that PM Modi has increased the tension of Pakistan.

Know what the Pakistan minister said

On Modi's mega show in Houston, the Pak Minister said, "Even after spending lakhs of rupees, Modi is a disappointing show for the people. These people can only gather people from America, Canada and elsewhere. But it shows that money can't buy everything."

Be sure to check this picture which has gone viral on Twitter

The way Fawad Hussain took out his anger on 'Howdy Modi'. In the same way, people on Twitter shared the above photo fiercely. In which people told how much difference is there between the red carpet which was laid to welcome PM Narendra Modi and the red carpet which was laid to welcome Imran Khan.