This big Facebook official left the company, used to manage advertisements


Facebook's Head of Advertising Integrity Rob Leidern has left the company. Rob Leidern used to watch the company's advertising products and during his time political and coronavirus misinformation was revealed. According to the news agency Reuters, his company has quit this week.

Rob was the Director of Product Management. He said last month that he would leave the company by December 30. However, the news of his leaving the company was not revealed yet.

According to Reuters, there is no response to this from Facebook.

Leidern said in a post that he was leaving the company to work on the privacy of consumers rather than just advertising and social media. But it did not tell where they are going.

This is also a dispute

In October 2020, a person from Newfoundland, Canada, posted an advertisement of onion seeds on Facebook, which also featured a picture of the onion. Facebook took this picture as a human body part and removed this post. Not only this, Facebook also sent a notice to the person giving the advertisement.

Facebook stated in its notice that sexual content has been shown in this advertisement, due to which it has been removed from the platform. After this, people associated with that online platform posted a screenshot of this Facebook message and the picture went viral. Facebook was very bad about it.