This American lady did not get a 'capable husband' even after 10 marriages


America's 56-year-old Lady Casey has done 10 weddings so far, but she has not yet received a 'capable husband' or 'Mr. Right'. She wants him to find a suitable husband who always says 'he loves her'. Now she is looking for a similar person as her 11th husband. Casey is in the mood to continue a series of marriages until he finds a 'worthy groom'.

KC, who recently announced her 10th husband's leaving, is not at all worried about how many weddings she has done so far. His wish is only Mr. Right. Casey's longest marriage lasted eight years, while the shortest was six months.

Casey a few days ago 'Dr. When she joined Phil's chat show, she learned the ways of how to maintain and maintain a long-term relationship. In the show, she told me that when she gets comfortable about the relationship, she says, "Enough is enough." I want to get divorced.

Have one son from the third marriage

Casey's first married life was eight years and the second seven years. The third one lasted about two and a half years. She also had a son from a third husband. The relationship between the two began to deteriorate when the husband stopped telling her that he loved her.