This 2 bedroom house is being sold for just Rs 103, you can also buy it!


Everyone dreams that they have their own house, and those who have their own house also like to invest in property. In such a situation, you have a chance to buy a two-bedroom house abroad. You can buy this very cheaply.

This property present in Wales, UK is being sold for just 1 Euro i.e. only 103 rupees according to Indian currency. According to the news published in Wells Online, there is one room upstairs and one room downstairs. However, at what price the final auction house will be sold, it is not yet final.

Paul Fosh Auctions has taken responsibility for the sale of this house. In-charge Sean Roper told that although the house is of two rooms and very small, there is also a large terrace attached to it. If it is designed properly then it can get enough space. Right now when properties are skyrocketing in Wales, such a cheap house is attracting people.

If you also want to buy this house, then you can take a tour there or watch it on a video call. You can register to buy it online at Paul Fosh Auctions' site. Anyone can become the owner of this house by bidding in the auction.

There is no kitchen and bathroom in this house and this is its biggest problem. Despite this, many people are showing interest in buying this house.