Third World War indications! Know who is powerful between US-Iran


After the Iranian commander, Qasim Suleimani was killed in the airstrike, the US stood at the cusp of war, Iran retaliated and attacked two American targets with rockets. So at the same time, US President Donald Trump has declared that 52 targets in Iran are on his target, which he can destroy.

Given this situation, it is believed that Iran cannot fight a direct fight with America and it is difficult to get the support of any other country in the world. It is more likely that Iran may launch a proxy war against the US.

The United States has a total of 10170 aircraft and helicopters, while Iran has only 512. If we talk about soldiers, America has 12 lakh 81 thousand soldiers while Iran has only 5 lakh 23 thousand soldiers. America has a total of 48 thousand 422 tanks and cannons, while Iran has 8 thousand 577. This shows that America is more powerful in US-Iran.