Things are very bad on the India-China border: Donald trump


US President Donald Trump stressed that the situation on the Indo-China border is "very bad" and that China is "going to increase it" with more force. He said that he would like to be involved and help in the matter.

At a White House press conference, Trump said on Friday, "The situation between China and India on the border is very bad".

Trump reiterated that he is talking to both India and China about this.

He said, "With regard to India and China, we are ready to help. If we can do something, we would like to join and help. We are talking to both the countries about this. ”Asked about whether China was trying to deal with India, Trump said he hoped that this would not happen, as well Said that China is "definitely going to do it."

Trump said, "I hope that doesn't happen ... but he (China) is going to do it." He is going to do it more firmly than most people understand. ''