These countries of the world do not have any army!


Whenever it comes to the security of any country, the soldiers of the country are always standing on the border. Along with this, the security of the police is also the responsibility. While internal security is the responsibility of the police, it is the responsibility of the security of the border. But there are some countries which do not have any army.

Vatican City

This country is the smallest in the world, it does not have any army (army) of any kind. Until a few years ago there used to be Noble Guards in the country, but in the year 1970, this institution was demolished. The country's Sukarsha Italian army does.


There is no military of any kind in Monaco since the 17th century. The French army protects it.


There has been no military in Mauritius since 1968. However, there is 10,000 police personnel, who guard both internally and externally.


Iceland has not had an army since the year 1869. This country is a member of NATO and the responsibility for its security lies with the US.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a country in the Caribbean region of Central America, has not had any troops since 1948. A fierce civil war broke out here in 1948, after which this country ended its army.