The woman was fooling with paint on her face, passport confiscated for not wearing a mask


The global pandemic coronavirus has caused a worldwide furor for more than a year. No one could remain outside the country. Scientists and doctors advised people to wear masks to prevent the spread of corona infection, which has since made the mask mandatory to prevent corona. However, while some do not consider it necessary to apply, some consider it a burden and a waste of beauty. A woman who used to think like this used to paint a face on the face of a mask and was fooling the people around her, including the administration, but she found it not expensive to wear a mask. The woman's passport was confiscated for breaking the corona rules.

Wearing masks has been made mandatory in guidelines issued worldwide to prevent coronavirus. In Indonesia, a face mask is mandatory to avoid infection. Two women's passports were recently confiscated in Bali, Indonesia. The mask that these two women wore to go to the supermarket was not actually a mask, but a mask-like painting was done on the face. It is not allowed to come to the supermarket without a mask. So one of these women made a painting of a blue mask on her face to fool the shopkeepers.

Negligence to bring views on video

According to media reports, while walking in the supermarket, someone secretly made a video of these two women named Josh Paler Lin and Leia. The video went viral on social media, after which action was taken against these women. It can be seen in the viral video that Leia tried by shopkeepers to paint her face in the color of a surgical mask to give her the appearance of an actual mask, for which she was seen trying to escape the rules with a white line up to the ears. However, later the women said that they had done this to make a video so that they could get more views on it.

Russian and Taiwanese citizens are women

After the video went viral on social media, people strongly criticized both women. People described both as irresponsible and dangerous. Indonesia's immigration department confirmed this after the video went viral and confiscated the passports of the two girls. Leia was identified as a Russian citizen and Josh as a Taiwanese citizen and his deportation is being feared.