The US has so far sent medical aid from three aircraft to India!


Corona has plagued the situation in India. There is a shortage of oxygen, medical equipment, medical equipment, etc. every day. India is also getting help from many countries. On Sunday, an aircraft arrived from the US with injections of 1.25 lakh Remedesivir. Four flights have come to India with medical equipment so far. Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi thanked the US for help. So far, 3 aircraft from the US have arrived in India carrying medical supplies. India has thanked America for this.

With this, the Indian Air Force's C-17 aircraft airlifted 4 cryogenic oxygen tankers from Germany to Hindon airbase. Britain also sent 450 oxygen cylinders to India.

US President Joe Biden has said that America is committed to helping India in this era of crisis. The United States is sending oxygen cylinders, N95 masks, rapid diagnostic tests, and other medical supplies to help India. The US has also offered to give the Astrogena vaccine to India. The US has said that it will send three more aircraft to India.

France also helped

France has also sent many equipment and goods used for the treatment of corona to India on Sunday. These items include eight oxygen generators, 28 ventilators, 200 electric pumps, and filters.

Egypt will send medical supplies

Egypt's Health Minister Hala Zayed has announced that medical materials will be sent to India to fight Corona. In a statement, he said that 300 oxygen cylinders, 20 ventilators, 100 medical beds, and other medical supplies would be supplied to India.