The survey revealed: Children are not at much risk in the third wave! 


Children are not likely to be affected much more than adults in the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic. The interim results of an ongoing study in the country have claimed that the seropositivity rate is higher in children, hence more than 2 years of age children are less at risk of getting affected by corona.

Sero-positivity is the presence of a specific type of antibody in the blood, the results of the study come amid concerns that children and adolescents are likely to be most affected by the third wave of COVID-19 in the country.

The interim results of the study have been published in MedRxiv, a pre-publication server. These results are based on a medium-term analysis of 4,509 participants. These included 700 children in the age group of two to 17 years, while 3,809 persons aged 18 or above were drawn from five states.