The situation in Nepal is uncontrollable due to floods caused by heavy rains, so far a large number of people have died; Know Latest Updates


Nepal is currently facing a double whammy of floods and landslides. The situation is getting increasingly uncontrollable. A large number of people have also died in such a situation created due to the rain that has been falling for the last several days. According to the latest report, now many villages of Rauthat district have been flooded. Because here the water flows out from the overflowing rivers in the low-lying areas. Due to incessant rains, various rivers have been flooded. Several villages in the central and southern parts have been submerged.

Water filled in many villages

This rain has flooded other rivers including Bagmati, Lal Bakaiah, Bhakuva, Chandi, Aruba. The Himalayan Times reported that Banjaraha village of Ishnath Municipality has been flooded due to the floods. According to the district administration office, more than 30 families have been displaced due to the floods. Not only this, but the flood has also disrupted the road network in a dozen villages including Banjaraha, Badharwa, Bavaria, and Fatawa. The floodwaters of Bakaiah and Cymbal rivers entered the houses in Chhatauna of Durga Bhagwati Rural Municipality. The district headquarters Gaur has also been submerged in the floodwaters.