The sister of Kim Jong Un now speaks this big thing about Trump! Click here and know


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's sister said on Friday that she did not expect her brother to meet US President Donald Trump this year as North Korea had no reason to give Trump a high-profile meeting gift. He is not getting anything concrete in return for this.

In a statement issued by the Korean Central News Agency, North Korea's official news agency, quoting Kim Jong Un's sister Kim Yo Jong, the United States mentioned the promise of significant leeway to keep nuclear diplomacy active. He said, "But at the same time you don't know what happens when."

"Anything can be surprising and it depends on the decision of the two top leaders," he said.

Kim Yo Jong said that if the summit is needed, it is the need of the US while North Korea For "it is impractical and we do not benefit from it."

Kim Yo Jong is her brother's confidant and has been very active in North Korea's affairs recently. His statement comes at a time when America's top officer of the Korea case is in Asia. Deputy Foreign Minister Stephen Beagan has visited Japan after meeting South Korean officials in Seoul.

In Seoul, he has accused a senior North Korean nuclear negotiator of sticking to the old thinking. His comments suggest that despite pressure from North Korea, the US does not want to ease sanctions in return for talks.