The researcher has been missing for a year, who infected with Corona for the first time, the Chinese government is denying


There have been new revelations about the coronavirus and the new revelations have surprised people. One such incident came from China from Wuhan Lab, where Western intelligence officials for a Chinese researcher believe that the researcher was the world's first corona patient who was suspected to have been hidden.

Huang Yanling was a researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and is being named Patient Zero in online reports being shared in China. Although these reports do not state when Huang was corona, or what happened to him thereafter. These reports have bolstered the US accusations that the institute staff initially claimed to have been infected.

Huang denied through WeChat

Huang Yanling informed about his recovery through China's WeChat app. Huang wrote that for my teachers and students studying together, how long I do not speak. I am Huang Yanling and I am alive. If you get any email related to Kovid-19 then that is not true.

Apart from this, his boss, Wei Hong Ping, has claimed that Huang left the lab in 2015 and now he has called me after hearing these rumors and asked me not to believe such reports. At the same time, Chinese officials have claimed that they are safe and in China.

Discussion on internet

Although Huang himself is missing from social media. His research history and biography have been removed from the institute's website. Only an old picture associated with him is becoming viral on social media. China's bloggers and internet users have demanded that Huang come forward and prove the truth that he is alive.

China hiding information?

According to a media institute, information related to Huang in China is being removed from the Internet. Governments in western countries also have not been able to find Huang because China's official line is that the virus did not start spreading from the Wuhan facility.