The Philippines by sense the threat from China can make defense agreement with America


The Southeast Asian country Philippines is expected to meet with the US this month to negotiate a military agreement. This conversation is considered important in the context of China increasing its bullying in the South China Sea. In this, differences in the Visiting Force Agreement (VFA) can be overcome with the US.

US troops can be sent to the Philippines under the VFA. China claims that the entire South China Sea belongs to her. There are several commercial waterways that are claimed by the Philippines including Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc.

China passed a law last month, under which nine of its soldiers could attack any foreign ship coming into the region, claiming it as a threat of war. This was emphasized by US Minister Anthony Blinken on the Mutual Defense Agreement (MDT) with Manila, which he believed could lead to a military attack by China on the Philippines, in which the US would be able to take action under the MDT. According to the laws of the Philippines, you can enter into a mutual defense agreement only with a visiting force agreement.