The number of new patients in the UK is not stopping, are serious even after taking a vaccine


Patients taking two doses of the vaccine are not at serious risk of corona infection. Even after taking the vaccine in Singapore, many people came under the grip of the corona but recovered after mild symptoms.

Here 75 percent of the people have been given two doses of the vaccine. According to government data, three-fourths of patients who took both doses of the vaccine in the last four weeks have succumbed to the infection. The condition of none of them has become serious due to infection. According to government data, there were 484 infected patients in the last 28 days, of whom 44 percent had taken both doses of the vaccine. There was 30 percent who had received a single dose of the vaccine. All recovered after mild symptoms. The National Day Parade has been postponed due to the increase in the number of patients here.

The number of new patients in the UK is not decreasing. More than 39 thousand new patients have been found here in the last 24 hours.

Recently, the lockdown has been relaxed in the UK. Along with this, caution has been given about the Delta variant. With the increase in the number of customers in the food store, there is a shortage of goods. Given this, the rules of quarantine have been relaxed for ten thousand employees engaged in all the stores, which can help in keeping the supply chain normal.

According to Reuters, the number of patients in the US has increased by 53 percent this week compared to the last few weeks. Most of these patients are of the delta variant. Even after increasing the number of patients, no change is being made in America's mask guidelines. In May, the requirement of masks was abolished for people who had received two doses of the vaccine here.

Pakistan: The total number of patients has crossed one million.

Israel: According to IANS, after increasing the number of patients here, restrictions are being imposed again.