The new universal vaccine will work on every variant of Corona, the danger of epidemic will be avoided!


New variants of the coronavirus are causing trouble for the whole world. That's why scientists are working these days on such a vaccine, which will keep people safe from every variant of the coronavirus. This vaccine is going through its final stages. Once this vaccine is ready, then we will have a powerful weapon to fight such epidemics in the future.

Scientists have almost prepared such a vaccine. Apart from Kovid-19, it will give us the strength to fight all viruses of the coronavirus family, it will be effective on all variants. The trial of this vaccine is currently being done on rats. When this vaccine was tested on mice, the vaccine developed many such antibodies that can counter many spike proteins. This also included variants such as B.1.351 found in South Africa. If scientists are successful, it will be nothing less than a boon to mankind.

Scientists from the North Carolina University of America are working on this vaccine. According to scientists, no one knows which virus will cause the next epidemic, so all kinds of preparations will have to be made from now on. It is being told that the new vaccine will affect all the existing variants of the coronavirus besides all other variants, which have the potential to spread from animals to humans.

Let us tell you that the scientists whose team is working on this mission have adopted the mRNA method. This is the same method that Pfizer and Moderna have used to make the current vaccine. Scientists are currently testing this on animals. If all goes well, then in the year 2022, there is a plan to trial this vaccine on humans. It will be approved after all three trials on humans are successful.