The man was in the room with two girls, when the neighbours called the police, then what happened ...


The country of Malaysia is known for its beauty. Due to many beautiful places, it is crowded with tourists. Many couples also come here for a honeymoon. But there are some laws in this country that when broken, people are sent directly to jail. One of these rules is that your two partners cannot live together.

A 20-year-old man living in Terenga was caught in violation of this law. He was caught in a closed room with two young women. All three were in bed. Actually, in Malaysia, it falls under the category of crime. Someone gave information about these to the Terenga Department of Religious Affairs. After this, the team reached there and caught them red-handed. The two girls caught with the young man are between 20 and 30 years old.

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When the team arrested the man and questioned him, he gave a very strange excuse. He told the police that there was a lizard in his room. He was quite afraid of the lizard, so he could not sleep in his room. Because of this, he went to the flat next door. Two girls lived there. They let the boy sleep in their room. So he slept with them.

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When the team investigated the entire case, it was found that this illegal relationship between these three had been going on for a long time. But people became suspicious of him, after which one of his neighbours informed the police and the matter came to light.