The last supermoon of the year 2021 : Strawberry moon will be seen today, know the special things of this day


The last supermoon of the year 2021 is going to be seen in the sky this week. According to the US space agency NASA, the supermoon will be visible in the early morning on June 23, but on June 24 it will be at its maximum height.

Why this time the name of the supermoon Strawberry Moon?

Giving information about this, the Farmer's Almanac explains that the strawberry season is going on in North America at this time, so this time the name of the supermoon has been named Strawberry Moon. It is also known as 'Honeymoon because of the more marriages in the month of June. Apart from this, it has also been given names like Blooming Moon, Green Corn Moon, Egg Laying Moon, Hatching Moon, Hoer Moon, Birth Moon, and Mead Moon.

The moon will be closest to earth

According to the information received, the moon will be closest to the Earth on Thursday. Due to which its size will appear much larger than the moon that is usually visible. With this, its illumination will also be more. On Thursday, the supermoon will look golden instead of pink. During this, Venus and Mars will also be visible along with the moon in the sky.

Names are being decided since 1930

Let us tell you that for the first time in the year 1930, the names of supermoons were determined by Farmer Almanac. According to which the supermoon seen in April was named 'Pink Moon'. Actually, during this time a plant is found in America after which the supermoon was named.