The Indian slogan in the US presidential election, 'Apna leader kaisa ho, biden jaane ho', was the last hit 'abakee baar tramp sarakaar'


America, the country most affected by the Corona infection, is going to have presidential elections this year. Supporters of presidential Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden have launched a campaign in 14 languages, including Hindi, to woo voters of Indian origin during the election.

His team has also coined the slogan 'Kaisa Ho, Jo Baiden Jaise Ho', which is the leader of America. It is built on the lines of India's popular electoral slogan. Apart from this, many slogans have been prepared in 14 languages ​​including Punjabi, Telugu, Bengali, Urdu, Kannada. Elections for the presidency are scheduled on November 3.

In fact, in 2016, 'Abki Bar, Trump Sarkar' was quite successful on the lines of 'Abki Bar, Modi Sarkar'. So a similar slogan was coined for Biden.

Trump turned, said - do not postpone elections, want to avoid fake votes

President Trump has turned to talk of postponing the election. He did not get the support of his own party. After this, Trump has clarified that he does not want to postpone the election, instead, he wants to avoid fake votes.