The girl's prank with her sister became viral, users started asking - what happened next


If you have siblings, then obviously, the fight between them will continue to be fun. So far, the story of two such sisters has received millions of likes and thousands of comments on Twitter.

Indeed, a Twitter user named @_LoveJazziee shared the post on the micro-blogging platform on 24 December. In it, she describes how she has set up cameras in her room so that she can record her sister secretly taking her things.

She further explained that on each gift box for Christmas there would be a freeze-frame picture of her carrying my things in my room with her name on it and she would tell me that she had not taken it. I will record his response to all of you.

After that, the post went viral very fast. He had not even thought that people were eager to know what happened next and some people were also having fun on it. One wrote that we are in a hurry to know what will happen next.

If her sister did not see the gift for a long time, she gave it to herself and started recording everything. Further tweeting that I gave it to him and he tried to cover it and open it safely.

People commented on the mischief between these two sisters according to their own accounts, one user wrote that my younger sisters have taken my things for the whole life. I feel your pain