The fourth journalist killed in Honduras this year used to work in radio


Four journalists have been killed this year in Honduras. The recent case is of a journalist working in radio. The Inter-American Press Association reported on Wednesday that the journalist has been identified as Pedro Archangel Cannils, owner of Radio Bambi and host of the news program Correo Informativo.

The organization said that a person riding a motorcycle was shot in Olancho province. After this, Canals died on the spot. The organization has requested the Honduras government to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

It is noteworthy that in September, the independent journalist Louise Alonso Almendares, the correspondent German Velesillo Jr. and the cameraman George Posas were killed in July. The association said that in 2020, 11 journalists were killed in Mexico, four in Honduras, two each in Venezuela and Guatemala, and one journalists each in Barbados, Brazil, Colombia, and Paraguay.