The explosion in SpaceX's 'Starship', test for a vehicle to Mars fails for the second time


The rocket Starfish S9 of the American space company SpaceX exploded while landing. The starship vehicle being built to make people travel to Mars and Moon in the future fell on Earth on Tuesday at the time of testing. This is the second such incident within three months. Although Elon Musk stated that this is an experiment. We will all try more.

The test to go to Mars failed for the second time

The starship is being built for reuse. So that expenses can be reduced in space travel. It is feared that the accident occurred due to the failure of the thruster. The spaceship, as high as 16 stories, had attained a height of about 10 km but lost control while returning and suffered an accident.

This is how the accident happened

The experiment seemed successful by the time the 50-meter-long starship was returning to Earth. At the time of descending, it was to have flopped so that it was planned to return to Earth by shutting down the engine in the air. It had to be straight before landing. About 6 and a half minutes after launch, the starship could not stay upright from landing. He hit the ground, engulfed in flames, and exploded.

Starship s8 was also burnt

Under this project, the starship S8 also suffered a similar accident on 10 December 2020. He went a little over 10 kilometers. While the Star S9 was to be tested last Thursday, it was not allowed if the safety standards were not met.